This is a blog dedicated to posting the fun and sometimes serious content of Jared Hussey. It is managed by and regularly updated by Jared himself.

(From this point on, I will no longer refer to myself in third-person.)

I was a major in Radio/TV/Film and a minor in Writing Arts at Rowan University. I currently am employed at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS. In my free time, I enjoy writing, editing, and producing videos and other content.

I like creating things, whether simply with words or through visual representations.

Every creation is different, but every creation starts the same way: AN IDEA.

I like ideas. Ideas fascinate me. They start as nothing; maybe just a thought, or a flicker in the brain. Ideas are our most valuable assets, yet they take up no literal space. As long as human beings keep thinking and imagining, the capacity for our collective ideas is endless. This could be a good thing, since with new ideas come new innovations, which can better the world.

It could also be a bad thing, since some ideas are toxic and spread like a disease. Sometimes, it takes a good idea to combat an evil one.

Now, I don’t think any of my ideas are toxic (or at least I hope not). I also don’t know if my ideas can better the world.

However, they might be able to change someone’s day, or maybe even give someone else a worthwhile idea.

What follows are some of my ideas.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Let’s start off with something that will help you get a feel for who I am as a person and creative thinker. In my sophomore year at Rowan, I was tasked with creating an audio story about a day in the life of myself. It was a Sound Communication class in which I constantly underachieved. Here is my project, which my professor loved so much he gave me an A in the class and even considered submitting it into a national festival.

The rest of the content will be separated into “videos” and “writing”.



Untold Stories of the Pre-Owned Car Salesman

Untold Stories of the Hopeless Romantic

Untold Stories of the Former Prom King

Untold Stories of the State Farm Agent

Le Cage (Avant-Garde)


Rowan Radio PSA

Bill Domke American Ninja Warrior 7 Audition Tape

The Sandwich Heist


Where Are You?

Projects from my time working as a Video Technology Assistant at Monroe Township School District can be found here, from the dates of August 2011 to June 2012.


I am an editor of  The Bigger Picture and have been featured in  Slackjaw and The Coffeelicious publications on Medium. Here is my profile, and here are links to some of my more notable posts:

A Conversation with My 106-Year-Old Neighbor

Tammy Lahren Goes to Heaven

My iPhone Broke Because I Didn’t Have an Erection

How Donald Trump Can Win My Vote

The Case for Fun Control

Superman is a Terrorist

The Hunter and the Prey

Mr. “Seuss”: The Unauthorized Collection

I Was Waitlisted… From Heaven

100% Accurate Oscar Predictions

Miss March Madness? Here’s a Bracket!

G.I. Joe Is Gay

Jesus Goes to Africa

Hillary Clinton: “I Am Also A 74-Year-Old Socialist From Brooklyn”

The Axis of Douchebaggery: Judging the Remaining Republican Candidates

The Best Pranks in Recorded History

I also curate a parody account of Breitbart News called Breitbark News. Check that out here!

Below are some other writing samples:

Hack (Poem)

Something Else (Fiction)

Grandpa is Dead. (Creative Nonfiction)

This is a poem.

Borealis (Short Film Script)

Assorted Haikus

A Brief Conversation with God

The Quotes of Life (Poem)

Writing and Voice: the Good, the Bad, and the Extremely Inappropriate

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