Assorted Haikus

Here are some haikus I’ve written. I think it’s awesome how we can tell a story and share a theme in only three short lines.

I don’t follow rules.

Rules are made to be broken.

Haikus: No exception.

What if the wind was

Only the screams of lost souls

Howling in regret?

Heaven versus Hell

And the dark against the light.

Well that’s a good fight.

You can’t sell me faith.

I’ve spent too much of my time

On education.

Look down; hold your breath.

You can fly; forget the rest.

Meet sky, then meet death.

Can you spot me, bro?

“Of course I can spot you, bro.”

Thanks for spotting, bro.

Life moves too fast for

Some people to grasp that they

Are moving so fast.

Flies are annoying.

You would be too if you were

Dying tomorrow.

Terrorist attacks

Overseas, but at least we

Have TVs to watch.

Do not drink and drive,

Unless you plan on being

A drunk murderer.

Let’s all be good friends

To make things much less awkward

For when the world ends.

I’d write a haiku,

But you say they are gay, and

I want to be you.

Release a white dove.

You’ve come to peace with the fact

You’ll never find love.

The home of the brave?

Home to bombs and school shootings.

Freedom isn’t free.

I saw God today.

And he asked me this question:

“What’s a belieber?”

The sun sets over

The trees. The moon grows and grins,

“It is my turn now.”

Last on my wish list

Before I pass into death,

Finish this haiku.


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