Le Cage (Avant-Garde)

So there is a funny story about this one. My friend failed a class because his professor was a total jerk. His one chance to change his final grade was to make an avant-garde film. He had two days to make it, so he came to me for help. I won’t spoil the theme for you since that is something you have to figure out on your own. I’m mostly proud of this because of the drum beat, which was something I pounded out in one take and it ended up working quite nicely. Other than making the siiiiiick drum beat, I helped my friend conceive the “plot” for this short film, and then I operated the camera and helped edit the final project. Low and behold, he passed the class after all.

(On a side note, there was no actual title for this short film. I just decided to call it “Le Cage” because it sounds French. It probably means nothing. Or does it? Does anything mean anything?)


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