The Quotes of Life

“You go to bed too late,”

My mother insisted I be an early riser.

“You don’t read too great,”

She thought books would make me all the wiser.

“Congratulations, class!”

Screamed the dean of students.

“Now go kick some ass!”

He hoped our degrees weren’t useless.

“Just go talk to her, man,”

My friend encouraged me.

“It’s time to take a stand,”

He said with authority.

“We should get a dog,”

Said my wife of one year.

“Be careful in the fog,”

Crashing was her biggest fear.

“I have to go potty,”

My two-year old son shouted out.

“I don’t like my body,”

It was prom my teen was nervous about.

“We’ll have to let you go,”

My boss looked me in the eyes.

“You’ve done great work for us, though,”

His smile always covered his lies.

“So are you ready for your pills?”

Asked the nurse from the east wing.

“Sir, do you have the chills?”

The needle in my arm didn’t sting.

“I want the morphine increased,”

I told the people surrounding me.

“Just let me die in peace,”

And then a silence set me free.


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